Monday, July 14, 2008

Bummer Weekend

We this week sucked big time. Not only did I miss the ride, they went to Round Top and I was stuck at home, sick the whole weekend. I mean I never left the house until Sunday when mamma and the kids talked me into seeing a movie. I would have rather stayed home, but I didn't tell them that. Then to top it we decided to catch a second show and just as the movie was starting I got a headache. Took some aspirin after we finally made it home. I think it finally went away around 3am, but before that I took what I thought was Nyquil(wrong)at 9:30 and waited and waited to get tiered so I could fall asleep. I don't know why I was wired. When I got back out of bed around 12-12:30 to take some more aspirin is when I saw my mistake I took cough syrup instead of Nyquil. Oh well maybe now I could get some sleep. Yep just as I was able to fall asleep I started coughing and every time I fell asleep I would cough, until about 5 this morning.

This will have to go down as one of the worst weekends in a long time. Although the movies were good. We saw Hancock and Wanted (Angelina Jolie is so hot).

We that's about it, I hope your weekend was better than mine. See you on the road.

Thursday, July 10, 2008

Gearing up

I am supposed to ride with a new group this weekend. I am getting sick and I hope it doesn't fall through. I have no idea where they want to go or how they want to get there. It will be a nice change not to be the lead rider. Also they are planning a ride to Round Top in a few weeks and want to come on that ride.

I didn't know how many friends I would make when I bought my Harley in March or how much fun I would have. Though I have only logged about 3k miles I am having the time of my life. I just can't get enough, seem like all I want to do is ride these days. This is way better then riding dirt bikes.

Anyway got to go and get some rest so I can ride this weekend.

Stay save and keep the rubber down and chrome shining.

Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Just another cruise

I didn't have a ride planed for Sat 7/5 when I got a call from an ex-coworker. I had asked him several times if he wanted to ride with us and he is always busy, but I left an open invitation to join us anytime. Kevin was out of town and he is the only one that Lupe’s phone #. So I was only able to get a hold of Perry who is like me and is ready to ride at a moments notice. Perry and I meet and gassed up with in 30 minute and headed over to meet George. I had Bristin (my daughter) with me and Perry brought Courtney (his daughter and she is also the girl we brought on vacation with us, see previous post).

Bristin and Courtney outside Thirsty Parrot(playing with my camera)

We headed out to the Thirsty Parrot a biker bar I found about 2-3 months ago. Did I mention they have great food. It's only about a 30-minute ride; we wanted to stay somewhat close because the weather forecast had a 30-40% chance of rain. The only rain we ran into was just when we were ready to leave it started to rain, so oh well let have another beer. We took the long way home. Thought we might run into some rain on the way back, but everything was cool.

Maybe heading to Round Top in a couple of weeks, let hope that trip come through.

See you on the road and be safe!!!!

Been away for awhile

Sorry to say I missed ROT this year, hope I can make it next year. I have been on several short rides since I last wrote. And have just come back from a family vacation.

I took my wife and 2 kids + 1 family friend (my daughter friend) to Fiesta Texas and Schlitterbahn. We left Saturday morning and took my mother in law home, then when shopping at a Harley store in San Antonio and the River City Mall. We ate lunch along the river walk and had a goodtime. We got up Sunday morning and headed out to Fiesta Texas, the lines were not to bad and kids had fun until it stared to rain and we got drenched. Made it back to hotel around 9pm.

Next we went to Schlitterbahn. Monday was good, again we didn't have to wait in long lines like usual. I think we rode every ride at the first park before we got tired. Tuesday was a different story we arrived at Schlitterbahn around 11am and had a hard time finding a picnic table. Then we headed of to our 1st ride 2.5hrs. We finally got to the top level we still had 45 min or more and then the rain started. The wind was blowing hard against my back and I had 3 kids trying to stay warm with their faces buried in my shirt. They didn't shut the rides down and no one left their place in line, after all it is a water park and there wasn't any lighting. After we finally went down the ride no one wanted to get out of the water because it was warmer then the rain. Then we spent the rest of the day going around in the wave pool.

Wednesday we headed out to Austin (can you tell we like Austin), 2 Harley stores, Mt Bonnell and The Oasis to round out the Vacation. All and all everyone had a great time.

Saturday, May 24, 2008


Looks like the weekend plans fell through for going to Austin, no problem. Saddled up with Bryce (my 6yr old son), he was so exited to be going on a ride to. Got the to 1st light after leaving our subdivison and he was asking for a tissue, I turned around and he had another boody nose, poor kid always getting them. Had to have momma come and get him, didn't want to chance it. We were both upset he couldn't go to Galveston with me.

Meet up with Kevin and Lupe around 9am filled up and talked a little then left at 9:30. We took Hwy 6, It's a little longer of a drive but the scenery is better then driving on 45. Had a pretty strong head wind and it kept looking like we would hit some rain, thankfully it didn't. Very hot and humid out today.

We didn't see as many riders out today, maybe they think it's going to rain or just spending time with family and friends. Arrived in Galveston about 11:00-11:30. Had lunch at The Spot. Checked out a few fishing spots, no one was catching anything. The beach was very crowded. Rode over to the Strand. They were giving away that Monster drink, they took our picture after giving us that drink, how knows maybe they will post it some ware.

Got home around 4pm, all in all it was another good ride. Good friends and a good ride, doesn't get much better then that.

Stay safe and see you on the road!!!!

Friday, May 23, 2008

Harley Bound

I created this design for Kim. We have a small embroidery business and have sew it on a couple of her shirts.
Let me know what you think of it.

Thursday, May 22, 2008

Surprise Ride

Kim ran into an old co-worker turns out they ride to and have been for a few years. They want to get together Memorial Day weekend (this weekend) and maybe ride to Austin. Gotta laugh at that because we just got back from that ride last Sunday (read my 1st blog). They also want to go to the Oasis in Austin which of course is where we went. I'll try and get pictures this time. Just thought it was funny. Make it a day run. Partly cloudy expected on Sat we'll see.

Rain this morning, couldn't ride in to work. Weatherman lied again.

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Just another weekday

Rode in to work today. Weatherman says it's going to be good today and tomorrow rain on Thursday, Friday, Saturday and of course Sunday. Started out a little cool, but I didn't need a jacket. Light flashing on hwy 6, so I had to ride the clutch for 20min.

Ride home was good not a lot of traffic. Tempter got up 95°. Weatherman just changed the forecast for more of the same for the rest of the week - we'll see!!

Ride safe

Monday, May 19, 2008

20th Wedding Aniversary - Ride

Hi All,

This weekend I celebrated my anniversary with my wife. I have been want to take a long weekend trip on my bike for some time now and decide this would be the perfect weekend to do so. I live in Katy, Tx. with my wife and 2 kids.

We love the Hill Country of Austin, so this is where we decided to go. I made reservations at a Bed and Breakfast and did not tell Kim so as to surprise her. We had 2 rules for this ride, 1 pack light, very light. 2 no schedule. We dropped the kido's of at Grandma's and Granddad’s Friday night. I hardly slept that night; I couldn't wait to get on the road.

We got up at 6:30am and were on the road by 7. It was a chilly 65° so we had to layer up. Rode for about and hr. and had to stop for gas noticed it has started to warm up a little bit Kim was still cold. It was cloudy out and the sun was not real bright but I could tell it was going to be a beautiful day. Drove through Brenham thought about stopping for breakfast but we decided to keep going. 45 minutes later we came to Giddings and started looking for a local restaurant (didn't want chain food), looks like the town is going to have a parade and cookout, didn't see anywhere that interest us so we kept on going. I think we are still excited about the ride and not very hungry.

We made to Elgin time to stop and get some gas and stretch our legs. Getting to late for breakfast now so I had candy bar, 1/2 bag of chips and bottle water, breakfast of champs ;-). Sun is fully up by now time to take of the jackets. Made a wrong turn in Austin took us out of the way by 30mins, no worries still just enjoying the ride. Found my way to Mt. Bonnell very beautiful scenery. Rode back down the mountain and headed for the Oasis just outside Austin.

We arrived at the Oasis at 12ish, had a light lunch and a great view of Lake Travis. If you never have been there, I highly recommend it. The Oasis is multilevel decks sitting on top of a hill overlooking Lake Travis. Foods not that good but the scenery and drinks are.

Next stop the Bed and Breakfast in Kyle, Tx. Nice ride hills and winding roads. Ok now this is where I have to explain, I watch to many movies and kept playing a movie over and over in my head where a couple stays in a hotel and watch a video of some murders and realized it was in their room, so yea kinda nerves about it.

We arrived in about a 1 1/2hrs. It sits 1 mile off the road (not making me feel any better). After parking and unloading our bag, Kim was very happy about the surprise, said it was beautiful and it was, but the 1st thing I noticed was a sign that said canceled guns not aloud (yea right, what do you want me to do with it carry it in the open so you can see I have protection. I think the gun will stay out of sight). As we walked up the side walk we were greeted by a young man (Don Hauk) anxious to show us around (good thing he all his teeth or I was out of there). There were 2 main buildings; we were in the first building, a two story on the second floor. It had a community porch in the front and back. The back side had the best view, we could see for miles and one of the best sunsets we've seen in a long time. We stayed in the Katherine Anne Porter Room, very large and spacious.

Very quiet and secluded, which brings up another thought. Where is everybody, this place was booked except for 2 rooms and I got one of them. We cleaned up and relaxed for awhile. Kim is still smiling, except for the fact that her feet are killing her. Note: Break boots in before you go on a long trip!

Dinner was European style seating. We meet 2 couples one celebrating 10yrs and the other still on their honeymoon. They all seemed very nice. Dinner entree was Salmon with Steam vegetables, dessert was a pastry with fresh strawberries and custard. Enjoyed the rest of the evening relaxing. Slept very well, and woke up refreshed and ready to go. Breakfast was fresh fruit, bread and blueberry pancakes.

We got on the road for the return trip about 9am. It was a bright sunny day, had to put the sunscreen on. Stopped once for gas in Bastrop and had to stop for a break just outside Sealy. Also stopped in Katy for lunch at Midway Food Market and Bar-B-Que. Parked my bike next to another bike, turns out he works there we had a good talk.

Saw many bikers along the way, didn't get to ride with any maybe another time and another place. Mom stop reading here. In closing I want to give a special THANKS to the guy in black pickup truck for finally seeing us and stopping before pulling completely out in front of us, though we still has to swerve around him at 75mph and Kim wanted to kick his truck, I didn't want anything to spoil the ride so I just kept on going.

Oh yea, I finaly feel better about the Bed and Breakfast. I highly recommend it. We stayed at The Inn Above Onion Creek in Kyle, Tx.

PS. Just kidding about the gun thing.