Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Please help

Here is a letter I received from a friend. I have helped him with this for 2yrs and will continue as long as we have troops in harm’s way. Please take a few minutes to read and then write a Thank you letter. You can post it on my Blogg and I will pass it on.

100% of all money goes to supplies or for shipping cost. The first year I helped by making cookies from scratch, with the help from my family and my daughters friend. We started on Friday and didn't finish until Sunday.

Here some of the pictures.

If you can cash is always good but we still need LOTS of Letters.

Thank you

Greetings fellow Americans!

Wow, Christmas time is just around the corner. Time for all the hustle and bustle that the holiday season has to offer. This also means time for "Adopt A Troop For Christmas". This will be our 4th year of having the awesome privilege of spreading a little Christmas cheer to our troops. The shopping, the fun, the traffic, the vacations, the road trips, the food we devour, the time we spend with our family and friends…we all take these things for granted. These little things that our military sacrifice to serve you, I, and our wonderful country. Sending these Christmas packages in no way can say 'Thanks' enough for what our soldiers do for us. It does however, let them know that there are people here at home in the great United States of America that care about them and appreciate their service and sacrifice! Last year was our biggest year ever, we adopted 164 troops, and people like you donated over $7,000.00 in cash and goodies. With your help we can have just as much success in 2009 as in the years past. We will be sending stockings full of goodies, snacks, candy, puzzle books, "Letters From Home", and several other items. "What can I do to help?" you ask, you can make cash donations, shop for goodies, send emails for the "Letters From Home" packs, make Christmas cards, etc. The goal for the "Letters From Home" is 125 letters this year; it would be nice to have a letter from someone in every state. We will be taking up donations up until Monday, November 23rd. We will be sending the care packages to the soldiers the first week of December. If you have a soldier fighting for our country in a war zone, or know someone who does, please forward their name and a way of contacting them to me. We need to get this information as soon as we can so we can get a count of how many soldiers we will be adopting this year. If you take up a collection at work, church, etc., then please make a list of names of all that donate so I can make a list of Santa's little helpers to send with the letters from home.

Here's a letter we received last year from one of the soldiers…

Dear Friends
I am SGT N. and am currently deployed to Iraq. I am one of the privileged soldiers that received one of your blessings. I recently returned from leave and was very down that I wouldn't be able to spend the holidays with my loved ones. This is my second deployment and my second time spending the holidays away from them. As I returned to my quarters from duty I was thinking of the holidays and again it brought me sadness that I would be here instead of with my family, as I entered my room I saw the gifts on my bed. I immediately opened it and ate the candy, I was very hungry. While eating the candy I read the letters that came along with everything. Your letters and blessings have given me the best spirits for this holiday season. Reading your thoughts of us was enough blessings for me and everything else was just a plus. It is people like you that give us the pride to fight alongside each other every day knowing that we are in all your hearts. Ladies and gentlemen, children and families, words cannot explain how thankful I am for the things you have sent and said in your letters. You are why I am proud to be an American and why I will continue to fight for what we stand for. Myself and my brothers here will sleep easy knowing that we are loved by and supported by all of you. Again thank you for your kindness. We will always owe you for the love you have shown us. God Bless and Happy Holidays.

Please help us get the word out by sending this email to everyone you know. If this Sergeant was the only soldier we touched, it would have been worth it! We also need your help reaching our goal by you sending your "Letter From Home" for the troops. If you have any questions, would like to help, or know a soldier; please contact me by email or by phone 832-289-1576.

Thanks in advance for any help you can provide in making "Adopt A Troop For Christmas – 2009" a huge success!
Coy Sitman

Monday, October 5, 2009

The hardest thing I have ever done!!!

I did it, it was painful (mentally), unpleasant, nerve racking, uncomfortable and I am forever changed. They said if I didn’t show up it would cost me $50. Well that didn’t sound too bad, hell I would have been willing to pay a hell of a lot more to not show up. The whole week just flew by, until Friday morning, and then it just seemed to stop. No time actually stopped Thursday night while I was shaving. I couldn’t sleep all night knowing what was about to happen. The twenty minute ride seemed to take 4hrs. Checked in sat, down and not a second later got called in (never happens right). The nurse checked me in and then I had to wait again for what seemed like hours for the Doc.

The shot was the worst part… Guys did you know that your balls are actually connected to your throat. Yes I got a Vasectomy. It was hard and I almost didn’t show and came close to leaving while waiting for the Doc., but I did it.

I always said I would never, but after our little surprise (that is now 7 months). I figured I needed to take matters into my own hands. Don’t get me wrong I love baby Opps and can’t imagine life without her. I would love to have a bunch of kids; it’s just that we can hardly afford daycare right now. The only way that I was able to afford my bike is because I got rid of daycare a few years back. And of course now we are struggling again because of daycare.

If you ever get put in the position to have this done to you…… Just say NO!!!!