Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Lone Star Rally

Could not have asked for better weather this weekend, high was 75° without a cloud in the sky. I was not able to make it to the rally Friday night due to a sick baby. Flash and I made it there around noon on Sat. A friend invited us to stay with them in a house they had for the weekend along with another friend of ours.
Mrs. Cameraman (Flash) and our friends.

Friday night, fairly large crowd, I am unsure how many were there. Texas does NOT have a noise pollution law, but the cop’s were handing out tickets if you revved the engines without warning. A sheriff in full dress came down the strand revving his engine as loud as he could; Galveston police pulled him over then let him go without a ticket. The crowed started chanting “BULL SHIT” with the help from my friends. 10 minutes later they quit handing out tickets and left. This was relayed to me by my friends.

Sat, Traffic was a bitch to get there, but like I said the weather was great so who cares I was on two wheels. Crowd was est. around 250k by promoter and 100k by police. All I know was there was a shit load of pep’s. Police handed out 2 tickets again for revving engine. I asked them what the tickets were for and they said “revving the engine excites the crowd and then they will lose control”. After expressing my point of view and almost going to jail, we didn’t see that office again or see any more tickets. The parade started at dusk and was around 250 participants dressed in Halloween costumes.

Only 2 accidents were reported. A couple had to be flown by helicopter to the hospital, this shut down the freeway entering Galveston for two hours. The other was along the seawall and he sustained minor injuries and was treated and released on the spot. No known fatalities.

This is a family event and the police will hand out tickets for exposure. I saw very little women exposing themselves, that’s why we have ROT and the HOT Rallies. Over all the rally was good, not sure if I will return next year, you could really since the city didn’t want us there. They did however grant the permit through 2010, but want to get bids from other promoters (so they can make more money).
My pictures from the rally can be seen here.