Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Life has been busy

Just wanted to say “Thank you” for all the prayers and well wishes. Brooke had her surgery on September 30 as planned. The surgery was expected to last 1 ½ but took much longer. So naturally we were getting quite nervous and impatient. At 2 ½ hours the doctor came out and said everything was great and she was fine, said a lot more but hey who’s listens after they say all is good?

After leaving the hospital she slept for most of the day, we did wake her up around 4:00 to feed her. She stayed up for a few hours mostly sitting in my lap, and then we put pack to bed. She slept the rest of the night. Friday she very well and by Saturday she was back to normal.

Right now she is doing great and is expected to stay that way.

I was able to squeeze in a ride this past weekend and will try and update on that soon.

What's going to happen to me????

OK, I ready..... I think!

In recovery, please don't wake me you won't like the outcome!!!! Just saying.

Aaaahhh so comfy!!!! SSSHHHHH be very quite please!! The calm be for the storm.

1 week later, all better. Love my M&M's!!!!