Thursday, June 30, 2011

Military Motivational Posters

I've seen some of these before, but I still like them.

Please support and pray for our troops.

Friday, June 17, 2011

ROT Rally 2011

Worked 1/2 day on Friday, bags were packed and momma was ready to get gone. I loaded up the bike and we were on the road within 15 min. of me getting home. I know the economy is still bad because all but one bailed on me for the annual Republic of Texas (ROT) rally trip. It's only the biggest rally in Texas.

Some ones a little happy to be getting the hell out of Dodge.
We still managed to have a great time and ran into some friends we met a year ago, also made a few new friends. As most of you know (my  name pretty much gives it a way) I love to take pictures. And well my favorite subject is women. So I was more than willing when my friends called me up to do a photo shoot with there beautiful wives. We had six women show up and it didn't take long before we had a rather large crowd around us. lol

Here are a few pictures form that event.

She models AND did the bad-ass custom paint job on both bikes.  

Random dude sneaking in to take a pic.

And now the crowd is starting to show up. lol
The rest of the models showed up late (typical) and we had several bike offers from the guys. 

Like most of you I ride to clear my head and I came up with what I hope to be one of my best ideas. I started a new blog. I have all these pictures and no one to share them with so guys here you go. Check it out here.

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Loving my new camera

Just popping to say Hi. Loving my new camera, well simi-new. I purchased it new In January and it has seen a lot of action so far. I stepped up from Canon T1i to a Canon 7D. There is a LOT more options and the body alone it worth the price difference. I will try and post some of my pictures from different events and photo shoots.

Take it easy and talk to everyone soon.